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Ottawa Marketing – An Objective Eye Can Find Solutions Right Under Your Nose

Ottawa Marketing – An objective eye can find solutions right under your nose

Ottawa Marketing – An objective eye can find solutions right under your nose

Ottawa Marketing – An objective eye can find solutions right under your nose. Case in point: Last weekend, I reorganized my home office and added a new cabinet to my work space. Things were starting to get a little out of control and I needed to better organize my office tools, receipts (life of a consultant) electronic accessories and, of course, their accompanying bevy of wires. I also wanted to have a dedicated spot for my active client files, placed inside the cabinet, to help keep the space clutter free.

The Situation: Living in Ottawa, where I offer my Ottawa marketing services to help growing businesses, there are a handful of places you can shop to find innovative organizing tools. The challenge was to find something that would hold the files yet fit inside the dimensions of one of the drawers. This was not supposed to be a time consuming project. To keep time minimal, I headed to Ikea, my goal: to find a quick solution that would be functional yet stylish.

Unfortunately, there seemed to be nothing that would fit the drawer properly, as my only options, offered by two different Ikea employees, from separate departments, were file boxes (this is important to note).


Ottawa Marketing – Ideas of the Past

What did I do? Disappointed and back home, I did some online research. I found an archaic steel frame file holder at an office supply store. Stoic and uninspiring, it seemed to be my only option. and I was prepared to visit the shop to purchase it, and move on.

Remarkably, one of the Ikea staff who helped me, suggested I check out If you are not familiar with this site, the name really says it all. This website, which is quite popular, is where people document how they re-purpose Ikea furniture and products in a step-by-step approach. Also note, this is not an authorized Ikea site. As a last resort, I checked out the website to see if there might be something that could help.

On this website, there were a number of different projects on how people use the store’s products to create ways to hold files but there were none that could work for my situation. Then, something I saw triggered a new idea. One ‘hacker’ used a piece of furniture that held plates, divided by wood slots, re-purposing it instead for file folders. Working as an Ottawa marketing consultant, a part of my specialty is offering my objective, trained eye to different businesses. I am able to take an idea that worked (a proven strategy) and apply it to another business, sculpting, and adapting it to that specific business’ needs and product’s environment.


Ottawa Marketing – Objective Solutions to Fit Your Needs Today

Eureka! Just then, I started to think about how I had actually bought an item from Ikea last year to use in my kitchen. This small, nifty, expandable, stainless steel tool can hold up to about ten pot lids, each lid seated separately. I thought this could have potential and tried my kitchen tool with a couple of folders. Eureka! I found a perfect fit.

Eureka moments are gratifying and can prove profitable in business. Discovering a solution to a problem that exists within your office walls can happen more often than you think. This is also a part of my work that I find most rewarding.

The Result: The Ikea staff could not offer solutions beyond their department. They were unable to offer any creative solutions; with one even suggesting an unauthorized website that uses their products. Yet, ironically, I ended up finding the solution right under their roof.

What are your current business challenges or problems you face? The search for the right file folder holder offers an example of two ways on how you can gain more out of your current business situation.

Two Ways How You can Gain More from your Current Business Situation

1. Educate your staff about your whole business

Give your staff more exposure to the rest of the business. Sometimes staff, especially long serving employees, can get ultra-focused on their daily work within their department. Create ways they can share experiences, challenges, achievements with cross-departmental staff. Get them more involved in marketing or communication activities, to give them frontline access to your end user, if possible. This can offer them a bird’s eye view into how their work affects other areas of business, and potential opportunities for product/service enhancement. Giving your staff first-hand knowledge from your target audience can be a powerful tool for product development. 

2. Turn your widget upside down.

Look at your product or service in a different way. Find new purposes or solve problems for new markets. Ikea hackers do it everyday. People use old CDs as cup coasters. Duct tape now comes in different colours for kids crafting. What more can you do with your product?

Ottawa marketing is unique. The nation’s Capital is fueled with a diverse economy and a sophisticated city population. Communicating with your audience here is different than in other cities. There is so much potential for your business to grow. Start in-house to strengthen employee loyalty and your internal champions. Let me know what you think and/or what you have done recently to address a business or marketing challenge.

Ottawa marketing – The Ottawa population is growing but are you adapting your business to the changing market needs of tomorrow?

Be profitable in your marketing.

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Marketing strategist and founder of Infuse Five Infuse Five, based in Ottawa, Canada, helps businesses and associations, across North America, grow. Focus is on innovative marketing and communications strategies. Ottawa marketing customized to fit your specific business needs.

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