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Marketing Made Easier: 4 Ways Marketing Is Not Sales

Marketing Made Easier: 4 Ways Marketing is not Sales

Marketing Gains Quality Leads, Sales Converts Leads to Customers

Marketing is not sales – period. Many businesses unknowingly interchange these two words marketing and sales (and its roles). Sometimes businesses will seek out a sales manager but instead run an ad for a marketing manager. The irony is not lost here, the word ‘marketing’ may have a better reputation than its ‘sales’ counterpart, so the company will seek to promote a better job title to attract better candidates. However, these are distinctly different roles. Marketing, when performed well (and strategically), will work harmoniously with sales (and other departments) and one cannot flourish without the other.

Sadly, when a business sees revenue drop, one of the first departments to experience cuts is marketing. Will an angler sell his fishing rod if he’s unsuccessful at sea? Hardly. Instead, he may want to find out what nearby lakes are getting the highest yields of the desired fish, change fishing rods, try different lures, testing each of their results, look at competitors’ success, etc. Sound familiar?

Experienced marketing professionals can analysis a company’s current business practices and find new ways to generate leads – for the sales team to close the sale. Experienced marketers can offer a fresh perspective, as an outsider looking in, providing valuable insight:

Marketing is not Sales – 4 Ways Marketing is not Sales

  1. Research:  Research and create plans to attract and influence specific audiences to respond (step-by-step guide, based on metrics, data, to reach your potential customers and long term business goals). Long-term plans.
  2. Streamline: Advance a business’ processes (inter-connect your departments for better and unified, customer experiences with your brand/business).
  3. Boost Brand: Strengthen the brand’s reputation amongst its various markets (make it easier for your customer to find, connect and buy from you and your sales team).
  4. Increase loyalty:  Build customer loyalty. It’s cheaper than the cost of finding new customers (keep your current customers happy and re-purchasing).

Solve a Problem, Sell to the Customer

It is important that a business defines a certain path (sales pipeline/funnel) that will link the potential customer (filter to a quality lead) through specific steps in becoming a first-time customer (then repeat customer).  Smaller businesses are sometimes at an advantage where staff may take on multiple roles, creating less gaps or potential areas where steps can be missed or mis-handled by larger firms. As a business grows, so must its processes.

In small businesses, sales and marketing are usually managed by the same department (or by same person). Where a marketing executive will use research, data, trends, multiple sources of information to develop a long-term plan, a sales executive will focus on how to gain the most business for today – meeting quarterly revenue targets and typically driven by commissions.

Will casting such a large net across the ocean of electronic communication deter the real spamming predators or will this legislation create a stronghold on businesses from growing? Time will tell. What do you think?

How we do business is constantly changing and becoming more complex – The CEO role can no longer be an autocrat (‘do what I say’, micromanage, you get the idea). Instead, h/she surrounds him/herself with experts for advice. Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), marketing consultants, and sales executives are a part of key decision making for today’s business and tomorrow’s success.

Be profitable in your marketing.

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