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Established in 2007 and based in Ottawa, Canada, Infuse Five was born out of a passion for creating innovative strategies to help businesses grow while using limited resources.

Infuse Five is dedicated to helping its clients reach their marketing goals and we do this by offering your business a fresh perspective, a trained eye and another way to meet deadlines and reach goals without the cost and overhead of hiring full-time senior staff.

Our approach, whether we play a minor or major role, is to be smart and strategic.  While we do incorporate different types of talent based on the job, your one main contact is Infuse Five’s founder, Sandra Hamway for all project activities.  That means your project progresses behind the scenes to save you time without the potential miscommunication that can happen when there are several agency contacts coordinating with a client on one project. You have access to a smart network of many talented entrepreneurs, partners, and suppliers, selected based on your specific project needs. We can help you plan a project or add fuel to drive your current project to a deadline and success. We focus on getting you successful results and keeping you continually informed.

Sandra Hamway

Sandra Hamway

Lead Marketing Communications Strategist and Founder

Sandra Hamway is the founder and lead marketing strategist at Infuse Five. Launched in 2007, her career spans across the association and public sector as well as start-up and established businesses.Prior to Infuse Five, Sandra led the marketing, communications and events at the Canadian Wood Council for five years. Previously, she worked at other Ottawa-based organizations and also worked as a marketer in New York City for four years. Sandra is the author of numerous trade articles and is a BA graduate of Sociology from Trent University and the Creative Advertising Program from Algonquin College.

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